POD going live from 24th September


POD is the telephone prescription ordering service across Coventry (Prescription Ordering Direct).

02476 246072
8am -5pm Mon- Fri

This service helps patients not have to wait for the practice staff to be available to action their repeat scripts and can assist with ordering of acute as well as repeat medicines.

Simply call them when you have approximately 5 days left of medication, they will take your consent and what you need then action it via a link with the practice.
This should replace ordering via the chemist for the majority of people (unless you have a “batch” which continues as normal).

The service is provided by NHSCoventry and Rugby CCG and is secure in line with the Data Protection Act.

** please do not try to call them yet! Our go live date for Woodside in 24th September

To see the information leaflet please see


Getting an appointment has changed

We are piloting a system to try and improve rapid access to appointments.

Those who require an appointment the same day can attend the practice or phone up before 10.30am to book in
(we hope this will help stop the 8.30am difficulty getting through on the phone as there is a 2 hour window).

This operates everyday Monday to Friday.
We have a good number of appointment slot times up to 11am.
Beyond this time is therefore considered extra appointments on top of normal allocations and so rather than trying to book at 10minute intervals, we are taking bookings in a list in order of booking and will try to see you as quickly as we can.
This is to try to absorb the demand for quick access for acute problems rather than lengthy long term or multiple issues.
Please be aware this means many people will be waiting in turn and the time will depend upon how much demand for appointments there is.

This week we have seen as many as 42 patients per GP on a normal morning.
If each patient took 10minutes (including time for the GP to document and complete anything associated with your care such as requesting tests or making a referral ) this would be 7hours solid without a pause or allowance for someone needing an extra minute or two – trying to fit this into a morning is challenging.
Please be aware that your GP surgery is a limited resource.
We are funded for an average of 2-3 appointments per year per patient and the average person visits 6 times per year.
We want people who need us to be able to access us- if you are sick or have a chronic condition requiring you to come in more often, we don’t want you to be put off, we want to be here for you – the same as we would want for our families.
To do this we need everyone to use us well.
If you could ask a pharmacist or try and give yourself a day or two of self care, please do consider this before booking and help us keep our service viable.

There are still pre-bookable appointments for afternoon sessions via on-line booking or reception and we would ask that non-urgent issues are still addressed through this way to help us keep GP time free on the day for urgent matters.

The biggest issue raised this week has been late afternoon/ evening appointments for our working population and after school access.
We want to ensure that this group of patients is not disadvantaged and have taken note of feedback and so will look at catering for this in the coming weeks.

For extended hours appointments after 18.30, please speak to reception who are able to book these at various locations daily.

Thank you for your ongoing patience and support.