EXTRA APPOINTMENTS are being made available at Woodside Medical Centre every day for the rest of winter!
It seems you cannot read an article on-line, in a newspaper or watch the news without hearing about lack of GP availability and the NHS struggling with winter demand.
Woodside will therefore be providing ADDITIONAL appointments between 11.30am until 1pm Monday to Friday for the rest of the winter season.

Are you pregnant?

Pregnant woman

Please spread the word – book in early!

Pregnant women should see our midwife Julia for their first appointment when they are about 8 weeks pregnant.
There has been a big rise in our number of pregnant ladies meaning there can be a wait for midwife appointments so booking in advance (ideally 3 weeks) or as soon as you know you are pregnant is helpful.

Call us or come into the surgery to book.

If you have a positive pregnancy test, you can find out how far along you are by using the NHS pregnancy calculator.

We appreciate that finding out you are pregnant if it was unplanned can be a shock and you may need support and advice. If you need to discuss your pregnancy, please book in with your GP.

January Blues?

Man holding head in hands

2016 was far from what you’d hoped. 2017 has arrived. Its now January… miserable short days, debt from Christmas, everyone enjoying themselves with their loved ones except you.

It may feel difficult but there is good evidence that you can help yourself by getting more physically and mentally active – stop dwelling and ask yourself how not why.

5 important points about January blues… Read more 

Flu Vaccinations

Flu graphic

Still not had your flu jab yet?

Asthma, COPD, diabetes, long term health problem, a carer or aged over 65?

It’s still worth coming in to have you FREE flu vaccination! Ask when seeing your GP or nurse or book in.