Dr Geissler leaving end of January

It is with more than a little sadness that I announce my leaving date as 25th January 2019.


I have come to the decision due to family reasons, in particular the fact that we are keen to try moving to France in the near future.

This is therefore an exciting and positive move for me and so I am very grateful to everyone at Woodside for their unwavering support at this time.

Woodside has truly been my second home for the past 5 and half years. The team here, in my opinion are the best doctors I could have had the honour of calling my partners. The nursing, administrative and managerial staff are so hard working and helpful, I will be very sorry to leave you all.


There is significant pressure in general practice, and endless news articles on surgeries closing or being unable to recruit GPs, and so Woodside is using this time of transition as an opportunity for change.

Successful practices are willing to adapt and look at new ways of working. Finding staff who’s skills can compliment and off-load work from GPs is certainly ​the pathway to sustainability.

I have had the pleasure of overlapping these last months with Helen O’Callaghan who is joining the clinical team in my place.

Advanced Care Practitioners (ACPs) are a great addition to any GP practice team, bring a wealth of community experience over many years, dealing with pretty much everything a GP does, including prescribing and clinical assessment examination. In many practices patients prefer seeing ACPs to GPs (!) and I hope our patients will welcome and value her experience and competence as we do.


Being a GP can be an incredibly rewarding job and I just want to offer my most heartfelt thanks and best wishes to all the patients I have had the pleasure of having contact with over the years.

Being privy to the details and difficulties of peoples individual lives is a great privilege and I sincerely wish you all great mental and physical health and longevity.

Sarah Geissler

NEW APPOINTMENT SYSTEM (and improved phone system to be installed shortly)

For access to GPs we have a new system DOCTOR FIRST

  • Call the practice to book a GP contact 02476 694001
  • GP will call you back
  • Discuss your problem with your GP
  • We will be installing a new phone system with the ability to queue calls to much improve your phone experience

Practice Nurses and a Midwife appointments are available to book at Reception.


The current situation

Our current list size is over 11,000 and continues to grow. Patients seem to be happy with the quality of care they are receiving, but there have been issues being able to make an appointment.  The increasing demand for appointments had resulted in some patients raising concerns that they are not able to consult a GP as quickly as we would like.

We have tried multiple different options over the past few months, but we feel that DOCTOR FIRST offers scope to improve patient access to their GP.

 What is Doctor First and what does it mean for me?

Doctor First is a GP Led telephone triage based appointment system.  The aim is for patient’s to call that morning to speak to a GP that day (this may not always be possible if there is increased demand that day). You will usually be able to talk to the GP of your choice, on the day that you request the contact.. You will not have to queue outside at 8.30am to get an appointment. The new system will be fairer for all.

New phone lines

We recognise out old phone system needed upgrading, the new system will allow calls to be queued so you will not have to call back multiple times. This is expected  late January 2019.

What will I have to do to see the doctor?

If you need to see or speak to a doctor then you will simply ring the surgery using 02476 964001.  You ring the surgery and book a telephone appointments for your problem whether is urgent or routine. 

Then What?

You will be asked for some brief details about why you are seeking a contact with the GP.  If you prefer not to give any details then the GP will still call you back, but those brief details will allow the GP to assess the urgency of the request.  The GP will call you back that day.

Will I then get to see the doctor?

After discussing your case, you and your GP will decide together if your problem can be dealt with over the phone or if a face-to-face appointment is necessary.  Your GP may refer you to one of our highly skilled nurses if that is felt to be more appropriate.  The GP can also book you into an appointment on a future date if this is more convenient (eg for those who work, or around school hours for children).

What other advantages does it offer?

  • Many patients with a health problem won’t need to visit the surgery as it can be dealt with on the phone.
  • The system will give the GP more time to see those patients that do need a face-to-face appointment.
  • Saving some patients the unnecessary inconvenience of attending the surgery.
  • The GP will know why they are seeing you and can allow an appropriate time to deal with your problem. This means that appointments should run to time and you will not be kept waiting in the reception areas.

For answers to some Frequently asked Questions, please see the extended version of this information on the the “How do I… Book an appointment” page.



Flu vaccination

If you haven’t already had your annual flu vaccination, please do book in now!
Despite what you read in the papers, we fortunately do have enough stocks at present to continue offering this service.
Flu vaccines are free for:
– Anyone over the age of 65
– under 65s that have long term health conditions such as asthma, COPD, diabetes, heart disease, kidney or liver disease
– pregnant women or those who are on immune-system suppressing medication
If you’re not sure, just ask!
We have bookable sessions running throughout the week all autumn / winter – take a look on-line or speak to reception.
Booking in advance too much hassle and prefer to come to a walk- in session on your lunchbreak or after work?
The next open walk-in flu session is:
Monday 19th November
Between 12.00 – 13.15pm and between 16.45- 17.45pm
Keep an eye on our posts to see what days have open flu clinics coming up…

Extended Hours Service

This surgery offers appointments to see a GP or Nurse in the evening or at weekends.

Patients can request a routine appointment at reception and choose to be seen in one of the eight Extended Hours hubs across Coventry and Rugby.

Appointments are available Monday to Friday between 6.30pm and 9.30pm and on Saturday and Sunday mornings.

Booking Appointments

Thank you to our patients and staff for bearing with us whilst we ran open-access morning surgeries the last 6 weeks. This has allowed us to catch up on the long waiting times in preparation for the coming winter months.

We may need to repeat this at intervals over the year when there is a big demand, but we understand having routine pre-booked appointments for less urgent matters is helpful the rest of the time for some of our patients.

From Monday 16th October, open access will stop. We will keep a large proportion of book-on-the-day in the mornings as this is the biggest demand on our service. At other times of the day, if you feel your matter is urgent, please inform reception.

There will be pre-bookable  afternoon appointments and a limited number of telephone consultations in the mornings.

Again, thank you all for your patience whilst we have worked to improve our service for the longer term.​

POD going live from 24th September


POD is the telephone prescription ordering service across Coventry (Prescription Ordering Direct).

02476 246072
8am -5pm Mon- Fri

This service helps patients not have to wait for the practice staff to be available to action their repeat scripts and can assist with ordering of acute as well as repeat medicines.

Simply call them when you have approximately 5 days left of medication, they will take your consent and what you need then action it via a link with the practice.
This should replace ordering via the chemist for the majority of people (unless you have a “batch” which continues as normal).

The service is provided by NHSCoventry and Rugby CCG and is secure in line with the Data Protection Act.

** please do not try to call them yet! Our go live date for Woodside in 24th September

To see the information leaflet please see


Getting an appointment has changed

We are piloting a system to try and improve rapid access to appointments.

Those who require an appointment the same day can attend the practice or phone up before 10.30am to book in
(we hope this will help stop the 8.30am difficulty getting through on the phone as there is a 2 hour window).

This operates everyday Monday to Friday.
We have a good number of appointment slot times up to 11am.
Beyond this time is therefore considered extra appointments on top of normal allocations and so rather than trying to book at 10minute intervals, we are taking bookings in a list in order of booking and will try to see you as quickly as we can.
This is to try to absorb the demand for quick access for acute problems rather than lengthy long term or multiple issues.
Please be aware this means many people will be waiting in turn and the time will depend upon how much demand for appointments there is.

This week we have seen as many as 42 patients per GP on a normal morning.
If each patient took 10minutes (including time for the GP to document and complete anything associated with your care such as requesting tests or making a referral ) this would be 7hours solid without a pause or allowance for someone needing an extra minute or two – trying to fit this into a morning is challenging.
Please be aware that your GP surgery is a limited resource.
We are funded for an average of 2-3 appointments per year per patient and the average person visits 6 times per year.
We want people who need us to be able to access us- if you are sick or have a chronic condition requiring you to come in more often, we don’t want you to be put off, we want to be here for you – the same as we would want for our families.
To do this we need everyone to use us well.
If you could ask a pharmacist or try and give yourself a day or two of self care, please do consider this before booking and help us keep our service viable.

There are still pre-bookable appointments for afternoon sessions via on-line booking or reception and we would ask that non-urgent issues are still addressed through this way to help us keep GP time free on the day for urgent matters.

The biggest issue raised this week has been late afternoon/ evening appointments for our working population and after school access.
We want to ensure that this group of patients is not disadvantaged and have taken note of feedback and so will look at catering for this in the coming weeks.

For extended hours appointments after 18.30, please speak to reception who are able to book these at various locations daily.

Thank you for your ongoing patience and support.

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

You have probably been getting emails and requests from numerous companies and organisations to update your preferences or to advise you about how they use your data.

Here at Woodside, and every GP surgery around the country, we are required to comply with new regulations (GDPR 2018) and have updated our privacy statement to reflect this.

For further information on what this means for you and your medical data, please take a look by clicking this link.

If you have any questions that you cannot find the answer to within the document, please speak to our practice management team.

Easter Opening Times

We will be closing over the Easter break for the following bank holidays only:

Friday March 30th – Good Friday

Monday April 2nd – Easter Monday

All other days over this period we are open as normal  from 8.30 am until 6.30 pm.