Medication Reviews




Managing your health goes beyond just taking prescribed medications. Regular medication reviews are crucial for individuals on regular medication i.e patients with diabetes or on blood pressure medication.


Diabetic Reviews

Diabetes management requires at least annual blood and urine tests to assess your body's response to treatment. After these tests, schedule a nurse diabetic review for an examination and a discussion about your diabetes management, addressing concerns, and making necessary adjustments to your treatment plan. The nurse may perform a blood pressure check and foot checks.


For Those on Blood Pressure Medication

Annual blood tests and up-to-date blood pressure checks help us evaluate the effectiveness of your current medication and make adjustments if needed.


Booking an Appointment

If your GP needs to discuss your medication in detail, they will request you to book an appointment. This meeting provides an opportunity for a thorough discussion about your overall health, potential side effects or concerns, and adjustments to your medication plan if necessary. This is particularly necessary for those on long term pain relief and mental health medication.