How to Request a Home Visit




If you feel that a home visit is required please contact the surgery before 10.30am.

Wherever possible, patients are asked to attend the surgery to see a GP as there is access to a greater range of equipment, full background medical notes and also nursing staff to assist should this become necessary. It is also an efficient use of your GP, as home visits take doctors away from the surgery for a significant amount of time meaning they can see fewer patients in a day.

Home Visits

We understand that some patients are housebound for a number of reasons such as frailty and poor mobility in old age. Unfortunately, we cannot accept the lack of transport as a reason to consider people “housebound” that would normally come to surgery.

If you feel that a home visit is necessary, please contact the surgery before 10.30 am so that the doctor can triage the visits for the day. A GP, ANP or paramedic will visit when they have availability and this could be at any point in the day

After this time, any urgent requests will be passed to the duty doctor who will triage the urgency of the visit request.