Tests and Results




If you have had a test ordered by your GP or nurse, you can call the practice for the result.

Please Note

  • We cannot discuss information about you with anyone else even close family without your permission first
  • Please ensure the practice has up to date contact details including mobile phone number so that we can contact you if there is an abnormal test result
  • If the test was not requested by the practice i.e. by your hospital specialist, please telephone their secretary for the results as we cannot always access them and explanation of the result should always come from the person who requested it

image representing test results


Blood Tests

Most routine blood test results are received 24 to 48 hours after you have the blood taken but some tests do take longer. Please allow 2 to 3 days for the GPs to comment on the results.

Please call the surgery after 10am for the result. Please choose Option 2 on the telephone system. If the result is normal reception will be able to tell you this. If any action is needed, a comment will be on your result and reception will ask you to book in. Where possible, please try to book in with the same GP that ordered the test as they will know the background to your problem.



GPs do not get the image of your X-ray but they receive a report from a radiologist. The amount of time needed for a report to come back can vary but generally, 1 week (4-5 working days) is normal.

Please call the practice after this time and ask reception if they have a result. If everything is normal, they will be able to tell you this. If anything needs to be discussed, they will ask to book you in for an appointment. Please try to make the appointment with the GP who requested your X-ray as this saves you having to go over the background to the problem again.

Sometimes we get a report more quickly if the radiologist has seen something that needs attention, in which case you would receive a call from the practice.



If you had your ultrasound performed at University Hospital please allow 2 weeks before calling.

The Care Navigators can tell you if the test is normal or if the GP has requested to see you to discuss the result. They are unable to give you specific details of the test. If your symptoms are not resolving or are worsening, please always book back in with your GP independent of the result.


MRI and CT Scans

Unfortunately, there have been some issues in receiving reports on these scans in recent months. We can check if they have been reported on the hospital computer system, however, due to a shortage of radiologists, the hospital have informed us that scans are taking up to 12 weeks to be formally reported. We are very sorry for any inconvenience this causes to our patients and we will try to push for a result when urgent.

Do call the surgery at regular intervals and staff will gladly keep checking the system until the report is produced. Thank you for your patience.